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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noisy Me

Did I ever tell you how much I like to make noise? Well, I do. I love knocking things over or off tables onto the floor just so I can hear the noise it makes. Mommy bought this plastic thing to keep cotton rounds in the other day. Mommy cleans my eyes with cotton rounds. You see, I am a Persian kitty and Persian kitties' eyes cry all by themselves. We don't have to be sad to cry; our eyes just cry all the time. Because of this, my eyes get all gunked up and then I have trouble seeing. So Mommy wets some cotton rounds with water and cleans my eyes. I'm always good when Mommy cleans my eyes because it feels very good and afterward I can see again. However the plastic thing Mommy bought I just can't resist. I especially love knocking it over in the middle of the night when Mommy is sleeping. This gets Mommy up real quick. Last night after I knocked it over she got up and hid it from me. I wonder why she did that. Then this morning after she cleaned my eyes I knocked it over again as you can see in this picture. Mommy just gave a big sigh.


  1. I have to have my eyes wiped once a day. I have a face like yours with a very short nose.
    My mom just uses a wet Kleenex and then a
    little brush with a tiny comb and then more
    wiping. She calls it a mascara brush. I don't have anything to knock over.
    But I do like to chew on plastic and then my
    mom panics and tries to keep all the plastic bags tucked away.
    I won't let her comb my feet. She just can't understand this. She says it probably tickles.
    Your friend,

  2. I don't like my feet combed either. It hurts.

  3. Hey Meggie...I also cry all the time...sometimes for no reason. I think it might because I've seen a lot of death in my time, but it also might be because I have some Persian in my blood. I can never be sure.