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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Our Aztecs may have lost, but the Wildcats beat number one Ohio State. How could that have happened? Maybe it's just better not to be number one. They try harder.

Mommy knows a lot about the Wildcats. She lived in Kentucky for a very long time. She says that Kentuckians live, breathe and eat sports, especially basketball. She thinks basketball may even be a religion in Kentucky.  Everyone in Kentucky loves the Wildcats.

Mommy says Kentucky is one of the very few places left in the United States where you can meet a real hillbilly. A lot of people in Kentucky also love tobacco. She says that in Kentucky children as young as four years old chew tobacco. (Maybe younger.) She also says they have a lot of guns in Kentucky. She saw people wearing guns in holsters on their hips. She told me it was very scary at times, especially when you went out in the boonies where the hillbillies are. She says the U.S. military would have difficulty beating the people in Kentucky. They are ready for war! She says that if Osama Bin Laden could be sent to Kentucky that he would be as tough to find as Jimmy Hoffa. (Who the H is Jimmy Hoffa?) The Kentuckians would take care of him in short order she says.

She also says everyone is related to everyone else in Kentucky. Once a crazy woman attacked her and she couldn't have her prosecuted because she was related to the D.A. A young man she knew was beat up by another young man and the guy who beat him up was never arrested because he was also related to the D.A. How different one state can be from another. I'm sure glad I live in California. I don't think I will ever visit Kentucky.

But I like the Wildcats.

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