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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Arts and Crafts Fair

Mommy likes to go to arts and crafts fairs. She and Daddy went to one at the Bernardo Winery yesterday and today.

She told me there are a lot of things for sale there and a lot of people. She bought some presents for people who are graduating from college this year. I know them.

Mommy says a lot of people bring their doggies.  Ewww.

Bernardo Winery is very old. Mommy loves to take pictures of the place.

Mommy bought such pretty presents. They are a surprise though so I can't show them to you. Here is something Mommy bought for herself.

She's planning on wearing it to the first day of the races in Del Mar. She is going to look sooo funny. Mommy doesn't worry about what she looks like. Mommy always has such fun! I wish I could go, but Mommy is afraid a horse might step on me.

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