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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy and Daddy's Day Trip

Mommy and Daddy took a long drive today. Mommy says that long, long ago people used to get in their cars on a Sunday afternoon and go for a "drive." She says people don't do that any more because they are too busy and because the price of gas is outrageous, but Mommy and Daddy did it today. They stopped at a very famous bakery outside of San Diego called Dudley's. Everybody in San Diego knows where Dudley's is. They have all kinds of homemade baked breads. Mommy likes it there. They also have jewelry and other neat stuff such as bookends made from rocks. Can you imagine! Bookends made from rocks! How tacky is that!

Mommy and Daddy also saw some neat creatures called cows. She said people raise these cows to kill them, and eat them. Now how awful is that! I'm sure glad I'm a cat and not a cow. Mommy says I would not like to be a cat in China. Now what does she mean by that? Mommy says these cows are really called steers. ????

Daddy is in this video. Isn't he cute!?!


  1. Which one is Daddy? The one in the black coat or the one in the red coat?

  2. Daddy is the one in the red coat; Mommy is in the black.