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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Thoughts on Holidays

I hate holidays. Yesterday was Easter and Mommy went away for a very, very long time. Finally, she came home and said she didn't like holidays either. First thing she did was make herself a margarita. She then made three more and took a sleeping pill. She's still sleeping. I hopped on the bed and breathed in her face just to see if she is still alive. Yep, she is. A little noise came out of her mouth and she rolled over.

Mommy was once married, but never made that mistake twice. One of the reasons she never married again is because she says you then become a member of a crazy family.  She explained all this to me and so I have never married either. Who needs that anyway? Better to live your life on your own and enjoy yourself and not have to listen to snide remarks. Mommy says she will NEVER EVER sit there like a bump on a log and take it for the sake of keeping peace in the family. Therefore, Mommy has made the decision not to see Daddy's family any more. While she loves all of them to one degree or another, one made a "libelous" threat against her yesterday and she figures she doesn't have to put up with crap like that. Mommy is pretty much a pacifist and is non-confrontational for the most part. Mommy would rather run from a fight, and will not put up with nonsense like she used to any longer. Mommy has another family she would rather be with anyway. ME!!

I love you, Mommy, and I would never threaten you with nonsense! Oh, and Mommy, you may take my picture any time you want.

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