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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mommy is So Much Fun

I will just bet anything that my Mommy is more funner than yours. Today mine mopped the floor and it's always fun to chase the mop, but then she sat down to read in her favorite chair and drink some coffee. I just sat there waiting to see if she was going to do something fun again. My Mommy never fails to disappoint me. She put her coffee cup down and missed the little table she was putting it on and it fell to the floor and smashed all to pieces. Of course the coffee went everywhere all over the floor and up the sides of the chair and the sofa. I think Mommy then said a swear word; it was difficult to understand her. I then started to play with Mommy's broken cup and batted it around the room. Mommy told me to stop it. Then Mommy grabbed her mop again and started mopping up all the coffee. This whole thing didn't last very long, but it was sure fun while it lasted. I think there is a word for what Mommy is. I think it's called a klutz.

 This is the mug Mommy broke.

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