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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day After Thanksgiving

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Boy, am I full. Mommy brought me lots of turkey last night. It was so yummy! I ate until my belly ached. Mommy also brought home some apple pie. That was really good as well. Mommy let me lick the plate after she ate the pie.

Today is Black Friday. Don't know exactly what that means, but Mommy went out and had her hair done. She still looks like Mommy though.

I think I mentioned before that Mommy is kind of dumb sometimes. Well, she did it again. She has a battery charger and last night she put two batteries in it to recharge them. You see, Mommy takes a lot of pictures and it gets rather expensive to keep buying batteries, so Mommy buys rechargeable batteries and just charges them instead. However, she made a mistake and put some regular batteries into the battery charger. That is a no-no. So the batteries exploded and ruined the battery charger, all at the same time. Mommy was mad. I thought it was rather funny. Haha. So today Mommy went out and bought a new battery charger and is now recharging batteries. She bought the battery charger at Radio Shack. It charges four batteries at once, so she is excited about that. The old one would only charge two batteries at once.

I didn't get to see Daddy today. He is coming over on Sunday to play cards. I just hope he leaves Chiquita home.

Love you much.

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