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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble 'Til you Wobble

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Mommy went to a great big city north of here called Los Angeles. Yeppers, she left me all alone. It's okay though. Mommy will bring me back some turkey. I love turkey!

Mommy gets to see Daddy's family today. Mommy likes Daddy's family. Mommy used to be part of another family, but she said they weren't as nice to her as Daddy's family is. One Thanksgiving they left her all alone. Meanies! She seems glad they are out of her life. However, she does miss one member of that family. She says she loved him very much. She calls him Big George. Big George died and Mommy was very sad.

Mommy's own family lives far away - all over the world in fact. She doesn't get to see them this Thanksgiving. I'll bet she'll call them though. I'll bet she'll call her brother. Her brother has three ex-wives. Now he lives with someone. Maybe some day she will become wife number four. One of the ex's is still part of the family. That makes Mommy happy. She would miss her if she weren't part of the family.

Mommy thought about taking me to spend Thanksgiving with Molly and Chiquita, but I'd rather be alone than deal with them. Did I mention I am an only child? Yep. Mommy never had any children. She says she never wanted any. However, there are three children she thinks of as her own because their own mommy died. She doesn't get to see them much because they are all grown up and live all over the place. I do have a real half sister. She lives with Mommy Sarah. I saw her one day. I knew right away we were related because we look alike. She is a different color, but we still look alike. So now you know all there is to know about my family. And that's that.

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