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Monday, November 15, 2010

My Weekend

Wow! What a weekend I had. Daddy came and picked me up on Friday and took me to his house. I was not happy because Chiquita still lives there. I hissed at her and she hissed back. Molly was pretty good to me though. She is afraid of me. I can scratch her little black nose if she tries to bite me.

Mommy was going to the hospital or some such place for a test and then somewhere for the weekend. You just never know what Mommy is going to do. Yesterday Daddy took me back to my house and Mommy was waiting there. I was sooo glad to see her. I ignored her though. I was mad at her for leaving me for the weekend even though I love Daddy very much. Then Mommy and Daddy played cards with Mommy's friend and I hung around being generally a royal pain in the neck as Mommy likes to say. I stayed up all day without a nap, so I was a little cranky. I actually slept in bed with Mommy all night and was a good cat for a change. (Mommy took the mirror down so I can't climb it any more. She spoils all my fun.)

Oh, and Mommy wants to say "Welcome to the world, Baby Bella! You are beautiful just like your mama."

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