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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meggie and Amy's Story Continued

My Mommy and Daddy (the Mommy and Daddy I have now) came to see me and Amy one day. They played with us and oohed and aahed about how beautiful we were.  They put me in a carrier with a comb, some new toys and other stuff. They put the carrier in Daddy's car and took me to Mommy's home. I was scared. We got to Mommy's house and Mommy opened the carrier door. I ran out and at first I hid under the bed. Amy wasn't there and that was very upsetting. Pretty soon my nose got the better of me, and I came out from underneath the bed. Mommy and Daddy were very nice to me. Mommy showed me where my food and water was. Also the litter box. She put the little bed Mommy Sarah had given to her next to her bed on the floor. Hah! Like I would ever sleep in that. Daddy left and then Mommy and I were alone. My new Mommy seemed nice, but I did miss Amy and Mommy Sarah very much. I wondered when I would get to see Amy again.

To be continued...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More on Amy and Me

My friend Troubles was right. (See comment two posts down.) Amy and I found out we had been spayed. We were sore a few days but that didn't keep us from running around. Our tummies had been shaved, so we felt a little cold. Our fur quickly grew back, however. We were happy to be home.

However, I guess I broke my promise to Mommy Sarah about being good. It's hard for me to know the difference between good and bad. I do things to have fun. Like the time I climbed up on the washing machine and jumped down behind it. That was such fun. Amy was standing on top of the washing machine looking down at me. I said to Amy, "Amy, come join me. It's fun down here." But Amy wouldn't.  Amy was kind of a chicken sometimes. Mommy Sarah had no idea where I was. I was hiding. tee hee. Amy kind of blew it, however. She kept looking at me from on top of the washer and Mommy Sarah wondered what she was looking at and so she found me. I could tell she was unhappy with me.

I was always doing stuff like that. I liked bouncing on the furniture and getting in the closet, climbing in the refrigerator - things like that. I also liked patting Mommy Sarah's face with my paw when she was sleeping. That would make her open her eyes. It was funny to see her eyes pop open fast like that.

Then one day I heard Mommy Sarah talking to someone about giving one of us kitties away. ME! She said it was too much for her to handle two little kitties and she wanted a good home for me, and did her friend know of anyone who might want a naughty kitty with a very long name. Amy didn't say anything. She was very quiet.

To be continued...

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Autobiography to be Continued Tomorrow

I have been having fun with mommy and wanted to show you how we play together. I will return to my story tomorrow. Watch me play.

This is so much fun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More on Amy and Me

Amy and I were sisters and the best of friends. Mommy Sarah was good to us. She taught us more English every day.  She played with us a lot. (She scolded me a lot, too, because I guess I was bad a lot.) Then one day she told us we were going on a little ride. Going to the vet she said. At this point in our young lives Amy and I had no idea what a vet was because our owner at the cattery used to give us our shots. Well, we were about to find out. Now I'll tell you it was not a pleasant experience. Mommy Sarah loaded us into our cage and then into her car. "Oh no, not another airplane ride," Amy said. "I don't think so," I said, "She didn't bring any food or water for us." We went for what we thought was a very long ride. The car stopped and Mommy Sarah took our cage out of the car and took us into a building. Oh my! We could hear dogs barking and cats meowing and there were a lot of very strange smells. We were at the vet's. Then Mommy Sarah did something which scared us nearly to death. She left us there! All alone we were. Well, we had each other, but that was it. Then this man took me and I could no longer see Amy. "Amy," I screamed. "Amy! I want my sister!" Then I was roughly put on a very cold shiny table and a needle was stuck in my leg. The room started to spin, and then, yowser, I was out like a light. Kabam. Out. It didn't seem like I was out very long when I woke up. I was groggy and every time I tried to stand up I fell over. Where on earth was I? Oh, yes, I was at the vet's. Now I remember. Where's Amy? "Amy", I hollered. "What, Meggie?" I heard her reply. My sister was in the same room as I was. Hooray. "Can you walk?" I said. "No", she said. "My legs are all wobbly. What on earth happened? I'm so sore." "So am I, Amy," I said. "It hurts like the dickens." Then we both dozed off. Then somebody was moving my cage. He opened the door and pulled me out, picked me up, and carried me to another room. That's when I saw her. Mommy Sarah! Yayy, she hadn't left us here forever in this horrible place after all. Soon Amy joined us and the man put us into our big cage. We were heading home! Home sweet home. We were never so happy in our whole lives. I told Amy I would be a good kitty for the rest of my life. I would never be bad again. I was just so happy to be going home!

More to follow...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Adventure Continues

Amy and I loved our new house. It was soooo big. And we had a real mommy and daddy. Mommy Sarah and Daddy Ted. This is me and Amy sleeping together on the couch. We had such a good time. I loved running up and down the stairs and knocking things off the mantle. Amy always used to follow me. She caught on very quickly. She could not leap and jump as high or as far as I could, because, as you can see, she was a much smaller kitty. I was huge next to Amy. Despite our differences we were sisters and we loved each other very much.

More to follow...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Amy and Me

As I mentioned before, I was born in New Jersey. Yes, princesses can come from New Jersey. Honest! I was born in what is called a cattery. It's kind of like an orphanage or a foster home. I had an owner and two brothers and a sister. There were also a lot of other cats and a few dogs. My owner raised kitties and sold them for money. Me and my sister Amy (yes I know that is not correct English, but I'm just a cat, you know), were just waiting to be sold. We cost a bundle of money, let me tell you, because we were very special kitties with very long names. So, one day my owner put me and my sister Amy into a big cage with some food and water. We were very scared. Amy was especially scared. I was always much bigger and stronger than Amy and so I was a little bit braver. Then our owner put us in the car and took us on a very long ride. It was very bumpy and Amy and I clung to each other so that we wouldn't be knocked all over the place and hurt ourselves in the cage. After what seemed like forever we came to a very noisy place. I later learned it was called an airport. Planes were everywhere. We had never seen a plane before except on TV. Being so close to planes was very scary. Our owner at the time gave us to a man and he put us on this conveyor belt that whisked us away just like the baggage. I shake just thinking about it. Then this other man put us on this thing that was something like a golf cart (I call it a tractor thingy, what do you call it?), and then somebody else picked up our cage and threw us into the plane. Ouch, that hurt. Amy started to meow. She was so terrified she peed in the cage.

A Higher Education

Mommy believes in everyone receiving a higher education, so she home schools me.  She also thinks everyone should stay current on the news. That is why I read the newspaper every day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Favorite Place of Mine

This is Mommy's and my cupboard. It's mostly mine. I like to climb in here and sleep. I got thirsty so I came out and had a drink. Then I went back in. Mommy doesn't really care for me to be in there. You can also see one of my balls and little toy car in the picture. I especially like the car because it goes vrooom, vrooom, vrooom. I like to chase it and pounce on it. Mommy found it in a box of Cheerios. How did the Cheerios people know which box my mom was going to buy? Hmmm. Food for thought. Tee hee.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Can Be Embarrassing to be a Cat

This is unbelievable. How could Chiquita demean herself like this? Cuddling with a DOG!! Good grief! Cats like Chiquita are an embarrassment to the feline race. I wouldn't be caught dead snuggling up to a dog.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Illegal Alien?

My mommy listens to the news a lot and I have been hearing so much about illegal aliens lately. It seems that that's all there is on the news. I was born in New Jersey. Does that make me an illegal alien? Is the government going to send me back? I don't want to go back there. I want to stay here with my mommy. Please tell the government not to send me back. Please write to your congressmen. (I heard that on TV.) I would really appreciate it.