Meggie the Bad Cat's Blog

Friday, April 30, 2010

I Rule

This is me on my throne. Mommy buys me a new throne whenever we move. I rule from my throne. I am princess of all that I survey. It's nice being a princess because I can do whatever I want.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Favorite Place to Rest

This is me in a bag. I guess I'm not bad when I crawl into bags because Mommy never says anything about it. It's a great place to hide and sleep. Once though I was really hidden good and Mommy kicked the bag. Meow!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More on Family

This is my little sister Doodles. Doodles is a Toreros cheerleader. Mommy sleeps with Doodles sometimes. I do not like it when she sleeps with Doodles. Mommy says I'm just jealous, whatever that means. When Doodles first came to our house I was afraid of her. I didn't know if she would bite or do something even worse. Then I realized I was bigger than Doodles and I stopped being afraid of her. Sometimes when I do something bad, I try to tell Mommy it was Doodles who did it, but Mommy always knows it was me. How does Mommy know I wonder? When Mommy's not looking, sometimes I push Doodles and she meows. I'm hoping the Toreros will take her as their mascot and she can go live with them.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

SPOILER ALERT - Gross Picture Below, Proceed at Own Risk

Mommy has had quite a day cleaning up after me. First, I threw up on her clothes. (Well, she shouldn't have left them on the floor.) I'd been working up a hair ball for several days. Finally, at about two this morning, up it came. I also got some on the rug, which Mom was not too happy about.

Then at breakfast I was about to catch on fire in the toaster, so Mommy pushed me off the counter before I went up in flames and I knocked my food dish onto the floor upside down. Now this is the wet kind of cat food, the kind I really like by the way, and the food went all over the kitchen. The dish made a wonderfully loud noise when it hit the floor. Mommy said it could wake the dead. I think she must have been kidding because I know what dead means and the dead don't ever wake again. I hope not anyway. I really don't want dead people walking around in my house. That would be kind of creepy. So, anyway, then Mommy had to clean up the kitchen floor of all that cat food. What a waste of perfectly good food!

Now here is a picture of my hairball. Enjoy! (Am I being bad?)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommy is So Excited!

Mommy is so excited today because she has a new laptop. Daddy bought it for her because I guess she did a big favor for Daddy and this was Daddy's way of saying thank you. I can't quite figure it all out. Parents are so strange, you know. As you can see I'm helping Mommy with her new laptop. I love typing on it. Mommy said I have to keep my hair out of it, but I don't think she really means it. She knows I'm a princess.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love the View

Here I am watching the birds. Mommy is taking my  picture from inside the house in another room. I like to climb through the blinds and sit on the window ledge. Sometimes I get tangled up and the blinds make a racket. One thing I really like is noise.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Flower Fields

Mommy took me to see the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California yesterday. They were so beautiful. Click on the words The Flower Fields above to see a video. Tractor in the Flower Fields

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Checking on Mommy

This morning at 3:00am I could not tell if Mommy was breathing, so I sat on her shoulder and got in her face. Yeppers, Mommy was still alive. Meow!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me and Pie

Mommy goes to this place called church. She has never taken me, but I would really like to go there. Mommy loves it there and I want to see what is so great about it. Mommy tells me God is there, but if God is everywhere, why does she have to go there to see him. Humph. Life is so complicated sometimes. So Mommy went to a new church on Sunday because we moved and she needs to find a new church. Personally I don't get it; I'm only repeating what Mommy said. Anyway, Mommy filled out a visitor card at church and some nice people stopped by to see Mommy last night. Guess what they brought for her. You won't believe it. They brought her a pie! A wonderful yummy lemon meringue pie. Now Mommy loves sweets for breakfast, so she had some pie for breakfast. And being the great mommy she is, she shared with me. Yayy Mommy!

P.S. Mommy says she bets you won't come to eat at our house. I don't get it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brrr, I Like it Cold

Mommy just doesn't understand why I like the refrigerator so much. It's because my fur is so hot. I go in the fridge to cool off. Mommy sometimes even shuts the door on me. You would think I would be afraid, but I'm not. Do you know the light goes off when you shut the door? Yep, it does.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sad News

Mommy and I are sad today because my cousin Herb died yesterday from cancer. Herb was so beautiful. He is the one on the right. My other cousin, Maggie, is on the left. I'm so sorry, Maggie. I hope you feel better soon.

I don't understand why Herb came down with cancer. He didn't even smoke. Maybe it was all those chipmunks he ate.

Mommy says Herb went to the Rainbow Bridge which is where all dogs and cats go when they die. Some day I will get to see Herb. I hope he doesn't chase me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unbelievable and Shocking

What I'm about to tell you is probably the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen. You are just not going to believe me, but I swear it's true. I have seen it with my very own little peepers. Okay, here goes. My mother takes a bath or shower EVERY SINGLE DAY! Unreal! Some days she takes two. I told you you wouldn't believe it. What is even stranger is that she actually seems to enjoy it. She just lies there with her head back on the tub and sometimes she even goes underwater! Can you imagine! Underwater! It's shocking I tell you, shocking. I like to sit on the edge of the tub and I watch in amazement. Twice I fell in and I was not a happy camper. Mommy grabbed a towel and dried me off and then took her hair dryer and got most of that nasty water out of my fur. Mommy said I looked like a drowned rat. I wonder when she saw a drowned rat before. I guess there's still a lot I don't know about life since I'm only five years old.

Mommy only gives me a bath when I poop on myself. Can I use that word - poop? Usually, though, she lets somebody else do her dirty work. She takes me to a groomer. I think this is a form of animal cruelty and I wish you would report it for me. Groomers can be so mean. Thank goodness she doesn't take me very often. I'm always so happy to see her when she picks me up, but I'm mad at her at the same time. How could she leave me there all alone? It's tough sometimes being a kitty with no voice.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Daddy Has a Roommate

Just thought you might like to hear more about my family. My Daddy has had a roommate for about the past year. I love her a lot. When she comes home from work she always plays with me. She plays with Chiquita and Molly, too, but I like it most when she plays with me. Her name is Kym (Daddy calls her Kymmy), and she is Daddy's niece. Kym is a Marine and she is stationed nearby. She is very brave.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mommies Can Be So Forgetful

I'm sure you remember that Mommy and I went to Daddy's last weekend. We came home on Monday and have been home ever since. Well, Mommy took my medicine with us to Daddy's and when she arrived there she forgot to  put it in the refrigerator. Monday Mommy didn't have to work so she drove to the doctor's office and asked if my medicine was still okay to give to me. He said no. So Mommy had to buy another bottle of medicine for me. She said she'd rather be safe than sorry, but I think it must have cost her a lot of money. She was so annoyed with herself. So now I have to finish this yucky bottle of medicine. Mom gives it to me every morning. I can't wait for it to be all gone. Such is life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day the Earth Didn't Stand Still

Yesterday truly was an eventful day. At about 3:40pm I was minding my own business taking a nap in the laundry basket in the closet when I felt movement. Suddenly I heard Mommy yell, "Earthquake!" Mommy was sitting at her computer. Later she said she felt her chair and computer desk moving (they are both on wheels) and she jumped up to look for me. Daddy had jumped up from his computer desk as well. Molly started to woof. She was outside and she said she felt it first because all four of her little feet were planted firmly on the ground. She was very, very scared. Daddy ran to get her and Mommy was looking for me. Chiquita was running around like a maniac. Mommy, Molly, Chiquita and I had never felt an earthquake like this before. We could hear the earthquake as it moved across the earth. It was making a tremendous noise, like a train. Mommy couldn't find me and so stood in the middle of the hallway where nothing could fall on her. We wondered how long it was going to last and if it was going to get any worse. Mommy was preparing to run outside in case the house started to collapse. Then the earth stopped doing its dance and we all started to relax. Mommy and Daddy turned on the TV to find out if everyone was all right and to see how big the quake was. The quake was a 7.2, whatever that means. The phone rang. It was a relative of Daddy's from the L.A. area. They had felt the quake all the way up there, but had heard that it was centered in Mexicali and wanted to be certain we were all okay. Mommy said yes, we were all okay.

Since then, the earth moves every hour or so. Sometimes it shakes quite a bit. Have you ever felt an earthquake? Well, it's kind of like waves of water under your feet. The waves throw you around, just like the waves in the ocean. It can be tough to stand and you have to watch for falling objects. I felt safe in the closet, so that is where I stayed.

Mommy dreamt about this quake a couple of months ago, so it wasn't really a big surprise to her. She just didn't know exactly when it was going to hit. She says she's not even certain this is the one she dreamed about. She says there may be a bigger one coming. Good grief. Now that would really be something!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Love Them Peeps

I love Peeps. I think I overdosed.


Yeppers, overdosed.

Some Bunny Loves You

And here I am all dressed up as the Easter Bunny. tee hee

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just My Opinion About Taxes

They suck. Does that make me a Republican?

I'm in Trouble

Oh boy, is Mommy mad about what I said about her vacuuming. I fibbed. She vacuums more than I said. Sorry, Mom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Riding in the Car

Mommy often takes me with her in the car. First she runs all over the house looking for me. I really like this game. It's called Hide and Seek. I hide and Mommy seeks me. I have some good hiding places. If you have never played this game, you should try it. It's so much fun. Sometimes I hide under the bed. It's one of my favorite places. If I get right in the middle under the bed, then she can't reach me. This really gets her upset. After awhile I feel sorry for her and I'll come out. She picks me up and puts me head first into the CAGE. She then locks me in and puts me in the car. She takes the seat belt and runs it through the handle on my cage. Sometimes Mommy tells me where we're going, like when we're going to see Daddy. I like Daddy. He lets me sit on the counter and watch the birds. He feeds the birds. Actually Mommy is the bird lover, but she can't feed the birds at our house. They don't allow it where we live because we have rats and bird seed attracts the rats and they eat it and it makes them fat and then they have baby rats. There is a rat trap right outside our patio. I see a rat from time to time. They are as big as bunnies. I should know because we have bunnies, too. I would love to catch a rat, but Mommy says they carry diseases and she doesn't want me to try and catch one. I still would like to though. Mommy says there will be baby bunnies soon. I'll bet I could catch a baby bunny. Mommy says I can't go outside though because we also have coyotes. She says coyotes love cats.

So Mad at Mommy

I am so mad at Mommy. She never came home last night. She was gone for more than 24 hours. Who did she think was going to feed me? How was I supposed to know she was too tired to drive home last night and so stayed at Daddy's? I'm not a mind reader, you know. Finally she sashayed on in late in the morning like nothing was wrong. Humph. Then she gave me my medicine. I fought and fought her. I even got some in her eye. Then she gave me some yummy delicious turkey and rice. She then gave me my hairball medicine. That stuff is really good. I lick it right off the tube. I wish she would let me have the whole thing. She then cleaned my eyes. I like that, too. They feel so good afterward. Then she combed me. I guess she was trying to make up for being a bad mom last night.

After that she got the vacuum out. Now this is something very unusual. I think I could count the toes on one foot how many times Mommy has vacuumed in the last five years. She says it's not going to matter 50 years from now if her house is vacuumed. No one will remember, she says. However, she also said she needed to be certain the fleas don't have a breeding ground. I like the vacuum. I like the noise it makes.
Then Mommy did something I really like. She went outside on our little patio and started sweeping. I love chasing after the broom. Of course, Mommy wouldn't let me go out there because I'm not allowed outside, but I could chase it through the window. It was a lot of fun. I'll bet you can tell I'm feeling a whole lot better. I do still feel those nasty fleas climbing around on me. Gives me the creeps.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's in a Name?

My name is Meggie. Mommy says it's not my "real" name, but she just calls me Meggie. My real name is very long and my little mind just can't remember it all. She says it's because I am a registered Persian that I have a long name. I do remember that part of my real name is Megan, which is why Mommy calls me Meggie. Daddy's mommy calls me snooty. I'm not sure if she calls me that because I am a registered Persian with a very long name or because one time she was sitting at Daddy's kitchen table and I jumped up on it. She started screaming. I guess she's not used to having cats jump up on tables. I just wanted to smell her better. Now she sends me cards addressed to "That snooty cat". She signs the cards "Ellie and Chico." Chico is her bird. I think Daddy said he was a yellow-naped Amazon. He was very much like the bird in the vet's office yesterday, but I have never met Chico. If I did meet him, he would be history. Mommy says Chico can take care of himself. Here is a picture of Chico that Mommy took for me so I could see what he looks like. Yum!