Meggie the Bad Cat's Blog

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day. I don't get to see my own father any more. He lives far away. Mommy and Daddy don't get to see their fathers any more either because they are both dead. I hope they are with Amy. A book just came out which has some stories in it about my mommy's father. Maybe you would like to read it. It is called Two Gold Coins and a Prayer. You can buy it at or Mommy bought a copy. My "gramps'" photo is on the cover. He is the second one from the right in the back row. Mommy says it is a book with a lot of humor in it, but it's also about the biggest and worst war the world has ever seen. Mommy cried in parts of it when she thinks about what her daddy and the other soldiers went through so that I could live free.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

News About Amy

So far, so good in my new home.  I did fetch and carry a soft little ball and did other cute things that just thrilled my new mom.  She took lots of pictures of me and lots of video. She didn't seem to mind my "bad" actions such as knocking things on the floor.  Indeed, I got to do a lot of things I had never done before. My new mommy didn't mind if I climbed on the counters. In fact, she even gave me my food on the counter.

About Amy - yes, I missed her.  Mommy Sarah said that Amy was happy not having to keep up with me.  She ate and played and seemed not to miss me. A few weeks later she started to be under the bed all of the time. Mommy Sarah took her temperature and immediately rushed her off to the vet.

Amy was on an antibiotic for several days - but after four weeks nursing her with antibiotics and numerous blood tests, the vet said that Amy, sweet Amy, had FIP.  That means Feline Infectious Peritionis. Mommy explained that only 5% of the kitties with it survive. I was very upset upon hearing this news. Mommy Sarah wrote to universities and all over trying to find a cure. There is none.  No vaccine, no test, not even on an autopsy. Amy died. Mommy Sarah was really, really heartbroken. So was I. My new mommy said that Amy went to the Rainbow Bridge where all cats and dogs go when they die. So some day I'll get to see my little sister again.

Me in My New Home

That night I explored my new house. I always loved exploring. It was obvious right from the start that Mommy lived there alone. Daddy's smell just wasn't all that strong. I could hear a dog running around upstairs and I hoped he wouldn't try to eat me. If he did, I would just have to scratch him. Hard.

Mommy had some fun things. She had two couches and I could squeeze myself under them. They made very nice hiding places. She had a tub which was very cool. I liked lying in it. If I jumped on top of the dryer I could get on top of the fridge. The one place I couldn't get was in the closet. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow Mommy would leave it open and I could see what was in there.

That night I slept under Mommy's bed. Mommy had another bed, but I couldn't smell her from where that bed was. I liked the smell of her. Smelling her made me feel not so alone.

The next morning Mommy's alarm clock went off. It made me jump up so fast that I clunked my little head on the bed. I then ran like crazy from the room and hid in the bathtub. I figured nothing could hurt me in the tub, unless, of course, Mommy turned on the water.

Mommy got up and got dressed. She fed me some yummy delicious food and gave me a kiss on top of my head. She said goodbye. I was all alone.

I explored the house some more and then hid under one of the couches. About lunchtime Mommy came home. She said she was worried about me being home all day alone and so came home on her lunch hour to check on me. She called and called me. "Meggie", she said. "Where are you, Meggie?" I wouldn't answer her. I could hear her looking all over the house. I kept my mouth shut. No way was I coming out. I curled myself in a tight ball and hoped she wouldn't see me under the couch. Finally I saw her eyes looking at me. She was kneeling on the floor. She said, "Oh thank goodness, Meggie, I was so worried about you." That made me feel bad that she was so worried. Mommy reached under the couch and pulled me out. She then gave me a big hug and kiss. I needed that.