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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meggie and Amy's Story Continued

My Mommy and Daddy (the Mommy and Daddy I have now) came to see me and Amy one day. They played with us and oohed and aahed about how beautiful we were.  They put me in a carrier with a comb, some new toys and other stuff. They put the carrier in Daddy's car and took me to Mommy's home. I was scared. We got to Mommy's house and Mommy opened the carrier door. I ran out and at first I hid under the bed. Amy wasn't there and that was very upsetting. Pretty soon my nose got the better of me, and I came out from underneath the bed. Mommy and Daddy were very nice to me. Mommy showed me where my food and water was. Also the litter box. She put the little bed Mommy Sarah had given to her next to her bed on the floor. Hah! Like I would ever sleep in that. Daddy left and then Mommy and I were alone. My new Mommy seemed nice, but I did miss Amy and Mommy Sarah very much. I wondered when I would get to see Amy again.

To be continued...

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