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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More on Amy and Me

Amy and I were sisters and the best of friends. Mommy Sarah was good to us. She taught us more English every day.  She played with us a lot. (She scolded me a lot, too, because I guess I was bad a lot.) Then one day she told us we were going on a little ride. Going to the vet she said. At this point in our young lives Amy and I had no idea what a vet was because our owner at the cattery used to give us our shots. Well, we were about to find out. Now I'll tell you it was not a pleasant experience. Mommy Sarah loaded us into our cage and then into her car. "Oh no, not another airplane ride," Amy said. "I don't think so," I said, "She didn't bring any food or water for us." We went for what we thought was a very long ride. The car stopped and Mommy Sarah took our cage out of the car and took us into a building. Oh my! We could hear dogs barking and cats meowing and there were a lot of very strange smells. We were at the vet's. Then Mommy Sarah did something which scared us nearly to death. She left us there! All alone we were. Well, we had each other, but that was it. Then this man took me and I could no longer see Amy. "Amy," I screamed. "Amy! I want my sister!" Then I was roughly put on a very cold shiny table and a needle was stuck in my leg. The room started to spin, and then, yowser, I was out like a light. Kabam. Out. It didn't seem like I was out very long when I woke up. I was groggy and every time I tried to stand up I fell over. Where on earth was I? Oh, yes, I was at the vet's. Now I remember. Where's Amy? "Amy", I hollered. "What, Meggie?" I heard her reply. My sister was in the same room as I was. Hooray. "Can you walk?" I said. "No", she said. "My legs are all wobbly. What on earth happened? I'm so sore." "So am I, Amy," I said. "It hurts like the dickens." Then we both dozed off. Then somebody was moving my cage. He opened the door and pulled me out, picked me up, and carried me to another room. That's when I saw her. Mommy Sarah! Yayy, she hadn't left us here forever in this horrible place after all. Soon Amy joined us and the man put us into our big cage. We were heading home! Home sweet home. We were never so happy in our whole lives. I told Amy I would be a good kitty for the rest of my life. I would never be bad again. I was just so happy to be going home!

More to follow...

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  1. Meggie, you were spayed. This means you were fixed so that you could not have kittens. Kittens are a big bother, and you would have to take care of them for at least two months. I am sure you would have been a good mother, but you are having a lot more fun without kittens. Persians usually don't have very large litters, maybe three or at most four. But that is a lot of work. Then your mom would have been so worried about finding good homes for the kittens. Have your mom explain the "facts of life" to you.
    I am a spay. That is what we are called once we have been "fixed." We can still go to cat shows but we can't compete against the champions. There is a special class for us. It is called the Premier Class. I don't want to go to a cat show anyhow.
    Your mom would not leave you by yourself. If she got sick or something, my mom would take care of you. I have never been close to another cat. I can't remember even seeing a dog.
    Your friend,