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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Amy and Me

As I mentioned before, I was born in New Jersey. Yes, princesses can come from New Jersey. Honest! I was born in what is called a cattery. It's kind of like an orphanage or a foster home. I had an owner and two brothers and a sister. There were also a lot of other cats and a few dogs. My owner raised kitties and sold them for money. Me and my sister Amy (yes I know that is not correct English, but I'm just a cat, you know), were just waiting to be sold. We cost a bundle of money, let me tell you, because we were very special kitties with very long names. So, one day my owner put me and my sister Amy into a big cage with some food and water. We were very scared. Amy was especially scared. I was always much bigger and stronger than Amy and so I was a little bit braver. Then our owner put us in the car and took us on a very long ride. It was very bumpy and Amy and I clung to each other so that we wouldn't be knocked all over the place and hurt ourselves in the cage. After what seemed like forever we came to a very noisy place. I later learned it was called an airport. Planes were everywhere. We had never seen a plane before except on TV. Being so close to planes was very scary. Our owner at the time gave us to a man and he put us on this conveyor belt that whisked us away just like the baggage. I shake just thinking about it. Then this other man put us on this thing that was something like a golf cart (I call it a tractor thingy, what do you call it?), and then somebody else picked up our cage and threw us into the plane. Ouch, that hurt. Amy started to meow. She was so terrified she peed in the cage.

After what seemed like forever and ever, we heard a great noise. It was the noise of the jet's engines. I think I almost had a heart attack, but I'm still here to tell the story, so I guess I didn't. Then we started to move and the plane rolled down the runway. Then we felt the plane lift into the air. It was the most unbelievable experience I have ever had. It threw me and Amy to the back of the cage where we stayed.

We flew for hours and hours and that's no lie. Finally we heard all these strange noises as the pilot lowered the flaps on the wings and then the wheels. The engine screamed as he slowed the engine. Then there was this great big Kabump as the plane hit the ground. We had landed! We had no idea what was going to happen next. It was like nothing could surprise us at this point. All we knew is that it was much warmer when we landed than when we had taken off. I later found out we were in beautiful San Diego, California, and we were about to get a mommy. A real mommy who would love us and cherish us and not just want to sell us. Not that our old owner didn't like us; she took good care of us and groomed us and fed us and saw that we had all of our shots. However, our new mommy wanted to have us for keeps.

Then the door to the baggage compartment opened and a man picked our cage up and threw us onto a tractor thingy, just like the one that took us out to the plane in New Jersey. We then went to a special place they take animals who are being shipped and we went onto another conveyor belt and finally came out into the light. We were so tired and still very scared. Then a lady came up to our cage and looked at us and said what beautiful kitties we were and we liked that very much. She spoke to us in a gentle voice and Amy said she hoped she would take care of us. The lady then spoke to some man and signed some papers. She then picked up our cage and took us to her car. Yeppers, we were going to a new home. We were so excited, but too tired to really think straight.

She took us to our new home where we slept and slept.

More to follow...

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