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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More on Amy and Me

My friend Troubles was right. (See comment two posts down.) Amy and I found out we had been spayed. We were sore a few days but that didn't keep us from running around. Our tummies had been shaved, so we felt a little cold. Our fur quickly grew back, however. We were happy to be home.

However, I guess I broke my promise to Mommy Sarah about being good. It's hard for me to know the difference between good and bad. I do things to have fun. Like the time I climbed up on the washing machine and jumped down behind it. That was such fun. Amy was standing on top of the washing machine looking down at me. I said to Amy, "Amy, come join me. It's fun down here." But Amy wouldn't.  Amy was kind of a chicken sometimes. Mommy Sarah had no idea where I was. I was hiding. tee hee. Amy kind of blew it, however. She kept looking at me from on top of the washer and Mommy Sarah wondered what she was looking at and so she found me. I could tell she was unhappy with me.

I was always doing stuff like that. I liked bouncing on the furniture and getting in the closet, climbing in the refrigerator - things like that. I also liked patting Mommy Sarah's face with my paw when she was sleeping. That would make her open her eyes. It was funny to see her eyes pop open fast like that.

Then one day I heard Mommy Sarah talking to someone about giving one of us kitties away. ME! She said it was too much for her to handle two little kitties and she wanted a good home for me, and did her friend know of anyone who might want a naughty kitty with a very long name. Amy didn't say anything. She was very quiet.

To be continued...

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