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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Night

I guess I was bad again last night because at about 4:00 a.m. Mommy locked me in the bathroom. Maybe it was because I was chewing on the lampshade and knocked the lamp on the floor. Oh, that is such fun. I love the noise it makes. Mommy bought new lamps; they're made of something shiny, silver and very hard. I heard Mommy tell the TV people that she bought those lamps because she was afraid I would break her old lamps and cut myself. Hah! I am far too smart for that! Anyway, I howled and howled in the bathroom until Mommy let me out. Gosh, Mommy looks so tired today. I think she needs more sleep than I do. I really don't mean to be bad. It's just I'm not exactly sure what bad is. Mommy does tell me I'm a good girl sometimes and pets me on the head. She also combs my hair and tells me how pretty I am and how very much she loves me. I love her, too. I just wish she would explain this bad stuff. Maybe one of you could help her explain it to me. Meow!

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