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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More About My Trip to the Vet

I feel better tonight so I thought I would tell you more about my trip to the vet. Mommy carried me in my "cage" and put me on the counter at the doctor's office. I was facing the back of the office where the ladies sit, only they weren't there. 'Lo and behold, what did I see? My goodness, if only I hadn't been so sick I would have crashed out of my cage and caught myself a great big green bird. You see the big green bird wasn't in a cage, but was sitting there on a branch. He had a bunch of toys hanging all around him. Yeah, right, like a dumb bird knows what to do with toys. Mommy talked to him and he talked back. He could speak English! Of course, I can understand English like I told you once before, but this BIRD could actually speak it. So then I figured he wasn't so dumb after all, but I bet he's still tasty.
Then what do you think happened? Well, I won't keep you in suspense. Then a cat came and peeked in my cage and said hi to me. Honest to goodness, she did. I think she was probably fixed like me, even though I don't really think I was broken to begin with. However, Mommy told me I was "fixed", so I guess I was broken before. I'll never really understand it. Then this strange cat sat on top of my cage. Just like that. Climbed right up there and sat on my cage. I'm sure glad she didn't decide to pee.
Then the nice lady took my cage and put me in the back. It's like a zoo back there. She put me in a nice big cage with a litter box and some water. I stayed there for a very long time. Mostly I slept. Finally, another nice lady came and took my temperature. I won't even tell you how she did that. It was horrible, I tell you, horrible. Then she took me to see the doctor. He had very big strong hands and he held me so that I wasn't afraid. He poked and prodded me and checked me where the sun doesn't shine. It was the experience of a lifetime. And an experience I don't want to experience again. Then the doctor gave me the yucky medicine and I heard him call my mommy which I already told you about.
After that I was put back in the cage and pretty soon I could hear my daddy. Boy, was I glad to hear him. He took me home and put the Advantage on the back of my neck. Then I went to my favorite place to sleep, the closet. I stayed there until Mommy came home from work. I was so glad to hear her voice that I went right out to greet her. She was happy to see me up and about. She picked me up and gave me a hug. Now normally I would not tolerate this, but it had been such a rough day and I was so happy to see her that I put up with it. Then I sharpened my claws on Daddy's couch. He gets so excited when I do that. After that Mommy took me to her house. You see Mommy and Daddy don't live together. Mommy says men are a PITA, whatever that means. Anyway, it's kind of nice to have Mommy all to myself without sharing her with Chiquita and Molly. They like to climb up on her lap. I pretend I don't care.

And that's the story of my day.

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