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Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Change

You know, I really like this time change thing. Mommy gets up and feeds me earlier. I used to have to scratch her back with my claws and pull on her hair to get her up. Today I didn't have to do any of that. I think I must have been good last night because I didn't get locked in the bathroom. I slept next to my mom. I don't usually sleep on the bed because it's too warm for me there. I like cold places like the bathroom sink or Mommy's basin which she brought home from the hospital one time. She calls it her barf basin, whatever that means. Some big men came into the house and took her away and I didn't see her again for days and days. I really missed her. I heard her say she was thinking about throwing the basin out and I was so afraid she would. Then she said that she just couldn't because I liked it so much. You would be surprised at how much English we cats understand. Of course, French cats understand French and Mexican cats understand Spanish, and so on. Even with the language barrier, all cats understand each other. Meow!

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