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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day the Earth Didn't Stand Still

Yesterday truly was an eventful day. At about 3:40pm I was minding my own business taking a nap in the laundry basket in the closet when I felt movement. Suddenly I heard Mommy yell, "Earthquake!" Mommy was sitting at her computer. Later she said she felt her chair and computer desk moving (they are both on wheels) and she jumped up to look for me. Daddy had jumped up from his computer desk as well. Molly started to woof. She was outside and she said she felt it first because all four of her little feet were planted firmly on the ground. She was very, very scared. Daddy ran to get her and Mommy was looking for me. Chiquita was running around like a maniac. Mommy, Molly, Chiquita and I had never felt an earthquake like this before. We could hear the earthquake as it moved across the earth. It was making a tremendous noise, like a train. Mommy couldn't find me and so stood in the middle of the hallway where nothing could fall on her. We wondered how long it was going to last and if it was going to get any worse. Mommy was preparing to run outside in case the house started to collapse. Then the earth stopped doing its dance and we all started to relax. Mommy and Daddy turned on the TV to find out if everyone was all right and to see how big the quake was. The quake was a 7.2, whatever that means. The phone rang. It was a relative of Daddy's from the L.A. area. They had felt the quake all the way up there, but had heard that it was centered in Mexicali and wanted to be certain we were all okay. Mommy said yes, we were all okay.

Since then, the earth moves every hour or so. Sometimes it shakes quite a bit. Have you ever felt an earthquake? Well, it's kind of like waves of water under your feet. The waves throw you around, just like the waves in the ocean. It can be tough to stand and you have to watch for falling objects. I felt safe in the closet, so that is where I stayed.

Mommy dreamt about this quake a couple of months ago, so it wasn't really a big surprise to her. She just didn't know exactly when it was going to hit. She says she's not even certain this is the one she dreamed about. She says there may be a bigger one coming. Good grief. Now that would really be something!

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  1. Well, I finally see a great picture of you. You are quite pretty with lovely eyes. I was sleeping and never did feel the earthquake. My
    mom was reading the paper on the kitchen table
    and knew it was an earthquake, but it didn't amount to much where I live. Mom got an invitation to the neighbors for brunch and I just slept. She said the brunch was really special and very good. This was next door where they have those two cats. One creeps into my yard sometimes I just stare at him, and he meekly leaves the yard. He looks small. Bet he thinks I am bigger than I really am because of my long hair.
    Your friend,