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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me and Pie

Mommy goes to this place called church. She has never taken me, but I would really like to go there. Mommy loves it there and I want to see what is so great about it. Mommy tells me God is there, but if God is everywhere, why does she have to go there to see him. Humph. Life is so complicated sometimes. So Mommy went to a new church on Sunday because we moved and she needs to find a new church. Personally I don't get it; I'm only repeating what Mommy said. Anyway, Mommy filled out a visitor card at church and some nice people stopped by to see Mommy last night. Guess what they brought for her. You won't believe it. They brought her a pie! A wonderful yummy lemon meringue pie. Now Mommy loves sweets for breakfast, so she had some pie for breakfast. And being the great mommy she is, she shared with me. Yayy Mommy!

P.S. Mommy says she bets you won't come to eat at our house. I don't get it.


  1. Meggie, the pie looks wonderful. Don't get too much cat fur in the pie, your Mommy will get upset. I would love a piece of that beautiful pie.

  2. Did you like the fluffy stuff on top?
    That was very nice for some people to bring a pie. I don't like sweet things. I just don't like anything but two kinds of dry food, water and biting flowers. I get scolded for the flowers. I also get scolded to getting on the counters when I can see just as well from the window sill. I do it just to hear my mom scold me. It does get attention.
    Your friend,

  3. Mikey,

    You will just have to come pay us a visit soon.