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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More on Family

This is my little sister Doodles. Doodles is a Toreros cheerleader. Mommy sleeps with Doodles sometimes. I do not like it when she sleeps with Doodles. Mommy says I'm just jealous, whatever that means. When Doodles first came to our house I was afraid of her. I didn't know if she would bite or do something even worse. Then I realized I was bigger than Doodles and I stopped being afraid of her. Sometimes when I do something bad, I try to tell Mommy it was Doodles who did it, but Mommy always knows it was me. How does Mommy know I wonder? When Mommy's not looking, sometimes I push Doodles and she meows. I'm hoping the Toreros will take her as their mascot and she can go live with them.

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