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Friday, April 2, 2010

Riding in the Car

Mommy often takes me with her in the car. First she runs all over the house looking for me. I really like this game. It's called Hide and Seek. I hide and Mommy seeks me. I have some good hiding places. If you have never played this game, you should try it. It's so much fun. Sometimes I hide under the bed. It's one of my favorite places. If I get right in the middle under the bed, then she can't reach me. This really gets her upset. After awhile I feel sorry for her and I'll come out. She picks me up and puts me head first into the CAGE. She then locks me in and puts me in the car. She takes the seat belt and runs it through the handle on my cage. Sometimes Mommy tells me where we're going, like when we're going to see Daddy. I like Daddy. He lets me sit on the counter and watch the birds. He feeds the birds. Actually Mommy is the bird lover, but she can't feed the birds at our house. They don't allow it where we live because we have rats and bird seed attracts the rats and they eat it and it makes them fat and then they have baby rats. There is a rat trap right outside our patio. I see a rat from time to time. They are as big as bunnies. I should know because we have bunnies, too. I would love to catch a rat, but Mommy says they carry diseases and she doesn't want me to try and catch one. I still would like to though. Mommy says there will be baby bunnies soon. I'll bet I could catch a baby bunny. Mommy says I can't go outside though because we also have coyotes. She says coyotes love cats.

Back to my story about riding in the car. How I do digress. Anyway, once Mommy had me all strapped in the car and we were heading home from Daddy's house. I will never forget this as long as I live. There was a crashing noise and Mommy looked very scared. My cage kept me from flying onto the floor. I'm so glad Mommy remembered to strap me in. Mommy finally stopped the car. Then the police and firemen came and asked Mommy if she was all right. Then a helicopter came and the news people. WE HAD BEEN HIT BY A DRUNK DRIVER. The policeman asked Mommy how she knew the guy was drunk and she looked at him as if he had two heads or something. Mommy does not tolerate stupidity well. She said, "Nobody drives like that unless they're drunk." The police finally found the other car, upside down in a gully. It had gone right off the road. Nobody in it. The driver had run away. They searched and searched. Finally they found her hiding under a bush. Yeppers, it was a woman. Boy was Mommy angry. She wanted to go slap the woman for putting everyone's lives in danger, especially mine. That's when I knew how much my mom loves me.

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