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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Favorite Place to Rest

This is me in a bag. I guess I'm not bad when I crawl into bags because Mommy never says anything about it. It's a great place to hide and sleep. Once though I was really hidden good and Mommy kicked the bag. Meow!


  1. Do not put your head through a handle of a bag. You will be totally scared. I did it, and I was terrified. It was a Macy bag with a strong, rope handle. I raced downstairs and went between the china cabinet and the wall. Mom put her left hand in and I
    hit her. She went for a towel because she was bleeding. I ran into the kitchen. She could see that I still had that rope around my neck. She got some scissors and cut it off, and I really hit her right hand. Now there is blood all over. She had a terrible time bandaging her hands. She didn't speak to me until the next day. Yes, I even pooped and wet on the kitchen floor. Really scared.
    Your friend,

  2. I will remember not to do that. Sorry you were so scared, Troubles.